Unfinished Projects & Ice Cream

Two things today:

1) Do you ever leave things unfinished, just so you can have something to look forward to doing later on?  I do.  And often.

Sometimes, it is because I want to make sure I get out of bed and do something on a day off.  Sometimes it is because I am having a rough time in general, and so want to keep one of the few good things going, so to speak.  Actually, it’s usually that one… when I’m feeling sad and depressed, and I find something enjoyable to do, I’ll only halfway complete whatever it is, so that I can have something to look forward to doing tomorrow or after work today or whenever.  So much so, that, it turns into that math/physics problem of only ever covering half the distance, thereby never reaching the finish line – I never finish whatever the project was.

This is because, when I have something to look forward to doing, my general outlook is more positive for the day – I’m excited to a degree, my brain is in functioning mode, instead of survival-ish mode.  And, when I’m excited versus depressed-feeling, I tend to think more like the normal human being version of myself, and come up with things I want and/or need to do… and I often even do them.  So, by the time I get home later on, I’ve worn myself out from the day, such that I only accomplish one small bit (if any) of that half-finished project from last night, before declaring that, “Well, I do still need something to look forward to doing tomorrow.  So how about I leave this for tomorrow?… again.”  And so it continues, and sometimes without end (yet, anyway).  🙂


2) The world is just plain fabulous sometimes – last night I was sharing about how disappointed I am by the quality of ice cream in my town, and, today, someone totally unaware of that conversation bought me delicious ice cream. Yesssssssss!


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