Music just heals the soul.  As I listen to a ukulele cover of Jason Mraz’s beautiful “I’m Yours”, I can feel the notes flowing in and through and all around me… every cell in me is coming awake, breathing deeply and newly, embracing the music; and the music encompasses me.  Next, a little song by a guitar missing its D string sends electricity down my spine – it is music with heart, and heart that communicates well.

I really do love music.  It is sometimes just like air, but allows for an even deeper and more fulfilling breath when it is pure than oxygen ever seems to do.  I grew up wanting a soundtrack to my life (because the good ones in movies were always really good).  And I have been blessed to have regular (live) music be part of that soundtrack all through the years so far*… I can only imagine what beautiful music will find me in the coming years, as I find new friends and new places and new life.


*See a later post (to be linked here) for more on the time I actually had a perfect soundtrack synched up for an event in my life (and completely unintentionally).

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