A Beautiful Woman

You know that amazingly gorgeous and attractive woman you saw when growing up, at whom you just goggled – you couldn’t decide if you wanted to marry her or just be her?   I got to be her tonight.

Think Ingrid Bergman, Ginger Rogers, or Audrey Hepburn, with their classic, chic, sophisticated, attractive style of womanly beauty.  They could be drop-dead gorgeous, and even sexy, without ever turning thoughts toward the descriptors ‘sexual’ and ‘sex’.  When you see them, you just want to be them.  (Or else have a chance to see them in person, just to verify that you didn’t make it all up that this amazingly attractive woman exists.)

Now, move them to the 21st century, and dress them in casual weekend wear…  A black turtleneck, faded skinny-ish blue jeans, gray leg warmers, and black sandal heels with a slight bedazzlement.

When I saw myself in the mirror (dancing, of course), I was almost shocked to a halt: Was that really me I just saw????  I checked again at the next opportunity.  It was.  As I moved to the song, the combination of how I was dressed, how I felt, and how I was moving made for a view of this amazingly beautiful, magnetic, sexy woman I had only known from TV and movies.  And yet, here she was, right in front of me.  ‘I want to be her,’ I thought.  And I realized that I was talking about myself.  The rest of the night, I kept having to check the mirror, I just couldn’t fully grasp what I was seeing.  I saw myself, and I could hardly believe it…, but I certainly did eventually.  And wow.  Just wow, it was so fabulous an experience.  🙂


Day 26 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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