Dumpster Diving: a brief reflection

I can’t decide if dumpster diving in Japan would be fabulous or just the worst.  In most of the places I have lived, one could find all sorts of wonders in the trash, especially in certain parts of town.  However, Japan seems to have a rather odd relationship with trash, when compared to all of those places.  In my current town, there seem to be a million bags for different types of trash.  There’s burnables (aka food and paper products), PET recycling (aka water bottles, etc.), recycling label recycling (aka plastic of almost all sorts, excepting the PET bottles and their caps), another recycling of some sort (yeah, I’m not too sure on that one), bulk paper, bulk clothing, and non-burnables (aka styrofoam, metals, a few other things, and anything you don’t feel like sorting).  Oh, and you have to wash anything that had food or beverage on it.

That being said, I think the best option for finding wonders on a regular basis (By the way, 1) only certain kinds of trash are picked up each week, and always on different days from one another, and usually not more than twice a week for any one kind of trash; and 2) Dumpsters aren’t quite a thing, so much as ‘trash bag areas’ where people are only intended to put out their trash bags on the morning of collection, up until 8:30-ish AM.) would be the non-burnables bags.  However, the fact that one bag could be perfectly clean and sanitary and full of wonders, and one could be packed with food and bugs and unclean bottles that no one wanted to clean and sort, kind of makes me wonder.  Depending on the bag, you could easily hit either end of the spectrum, and anywhere in between.  Back home, you know that things are probably going to be messy on a regular basis, and so, when you find places that have better trash, you are delighted and overjoyed.  But, in Japan, you could start to expect the clean of the sorted trash, and then come across ones that people decided not to sort, which could just blow the whole experience.  I don’t know… I can’t decide yet: Might it be better or worse, going dumpster diving in Japan?


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