Music and Breath

Today I got to sit in on two music classes.  The first was a trio class in a practice room with two pianos and a teacher, working on ear training.  We ended up talking a lot about hair and about musical performances, both in Japanese and English.  The second, however, was a rehearsal for a performance at an elementary school in a few weeks (I was invited to come by the girls in the ear training class).  It was in this second class that my heart melted open.

Moving to Japan, with no nearby friends or acquaintances, and no instruments around me, I have had almost no live music (and definitely not of the caliber I once had on the daily).  And, to add to that, I have hardly listened to music at home for some reason.  Today, in that second class, as the piano-oboe duo began playing, I found myself crying (literally by the oboe’s second note, my eyes were watered up).  It was as if their notes had coaxed open my whole being, serenading my heart and soul, to the point of having bliss overflow in all directions.  It was perfection…really.  And they messed up in all sorts of ways, with the pianist forgetting parts of the pieces and the oboist’s music book flipping back a page whilst she played.  And it was the greatest time I’ve had at that school.  And I meant ever.

All art is medicine, and music in particular is my breath of life.  Today, I breathed easily and truly for the first time in a long while.  Now for more air in the coming weeks and months, ne?  Thank you, ni-nensei*.  Thank you.  🙂


*For those wondering, ne is like asking a question for verification, and ni-nensei means “second-year students”

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