Heading Home?

It’s funny to me how the idea of “home” works.  Sometimes it’s the people who make a place feel like home, and sometimes it’s the things.  Sometimes it’s simply the smells, and sometimes it’s just the location.  I suppose this suggests a ringing true of the idea that ‘home is where the heart is’, though I’m not set on the idea.  I think I feel as though home is just what you make it.  If you want something or someone to feel like home to you, you can get to know that something or someone, and bring yourself closer to it or him/her.

Though I think there is a sort of vulnerability required in it all.  If you open yourself up – be vulnerable – , you are able to develop a sense of trust and love with that place or person.  If you let down your guard, that place or person can see you for who you really are… and thereby accept you and love you for who you truly are.  If someone never experiences who you truly are, how can that person ever truly love you?  However, if that person can see you underneath it all, and accepts you as just that and nothing else, then that person can love you truly.  It is with this love, that I feel allows for the development of “home” in anyone’s adjective list (i.e. for one to feel ‘at home’ with someone).

I think it can be ridiculously terrifying to let down one’s guard – I struggle with it regularly.  I think, too, though, that we make it easier and easier each time we do it.  Perhaps it takes a lifetime to be fully comfortable with being open and free and loving with all, such that one could feel at home wherever he/she went.  The more we practice it, though, the more we are loved and are able to love, and the more we better the world, and develop more “homes” around the globe.



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