Waiting on the platform for the train to arrive, I noticed some odd noises coming from the escalators.  When I turned round to see, I found a tall Japanese boy (estimated age 16-20) stepping delightedly down off the up escalator.  Seeing as the train platform was lower than the rest of the station, the only direction to go from here was up.  However, this boy had just stepped off the up escalator onto the platform.  A couple of other people had noticed this, too, and were watching with somewhat disturbed expressions.

At first, I thought something had gone wrong.  Then I discovered that the guy had just stepped onto the escalator for the fun of walking back off of it in the opposite direction of what is intended.  More than that, though, I noticed, as he delighted extremely in his next mini-ride on the escalator, that this boy’s brain did not quite work as the average person’s.

I could not identify if it were a sort of autism or something else entirely, but it was clear that this boy did not experience the world as those immediately around him did.  It was clear, too, that no one else was at all enjoying his behavior.  I stood there, watching, and discovered myself delighted and smiling, watching him repeatedly step onto the escalator, turn round, and rush back off the escalator, making an odd sort of guffaw each time he made it safely to the concrete (the initial odd sound I’d heard).

I almost went up to him to ask him if he was enjoying himself, but I really didn’t feel like moving.  (No offense intended; I was just exhausted, and am even more so now).  He was just totally enjoying himself.



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