A letter to my new friends

To my newest friends,

Thank you.

Thank you for leaving me always feeling loved, wanted, and appreciated, as well as intellectually challenged and improved.  For unfailingly creating a space where I am not only allowed, but invited, to be exactly who I am and whoever I need to be at that time, I thank you.  You are a beautiful and excited duo, forever inspiring joy within me – I cannot say how often I find myself chuckling at the millions of little nothings with you guys (which truly make a world of a difference in a week filled with a million little and big stresses).  Thanks to the two of you, no matter how my week goes, at the end of it, I always know that the best is yet to come.

You easily bring other wonderful people into my life, as well as into the lives of others, developing the spirit of love and connection on which our world thrives.  You enliven the old, and educate the young; and even educate the old, and enliven the young.  I have watched it and experienced it firsthand, almost every time I am with you.

For what feels like a million cups of tea, which you practically poof into my hands at times, as though some secret grandma senses tell you that I need something warm and loving, I cannot possibly thank you enough (though I shall continue to thank you every time).

Thank you for being there for me, whenever I show up, and in whatever state I happen to be – you have thereby transformed my world, and likely many others’.

For being exactly yourselves, I thank you – you are both truly beautiful assets to the world, as well as to my life in particular.  Friday is not my possibly favorite day, because it starts the weekend, but because it ends with you.

For all this and more, I thank you.  A million times over, and then again twice, thank you.  🙂




Day 39 of 40
I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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