irrigating your ears

You know that sensation of irrigating your ears?  I used to get ear infections all the time, and so I irrigate my ears quite often these days, depending on the type of shower-head I use (yes, it actually makes as difference in how much water ends up in my ears).

Anyway, onward and whatnot… now, for whatever reason, the alcohol always seems to be cold – not uncomfortably cold, but definitely cold to the touch.  As you pour it into your ear, a slight chill rushes down your neck, raising your shoulders and creating a chained reaction of shuddering all the way down your spine – a sort of shudder of ecstasy.  Then, if you move your head around while the alcohol is in there, you experience a sort of itching sensation as the liquid bounces back and forth against the walls, rolls up and down the sides.  And finally, as you right your head, the blup-blup-blup-blup-blup(!) of alcohol hurries out of your ear, summoned by the call of gravity, down your chin and neck, creating another sort of shudder of ecstasy, but this time of relief, as well as the ecstasy.  And, if the angle was right, you come to with the alcohol dripping from your chin, having followed that path frequented by tears.

Yeah, it’s a really weird experience, irrigating one’s ears.  Really.  But it makes a huge difference in my ear health, for which I am grateful.


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