Japan has something called Nomihodai, and it is quite the concept and experience.  For a certain, predetermined-by-you amount of time, your entire party has all-you-can-drink on most beverages the establishment provides.  Now, the main point of this is for people to be able to drink alcoholic beverages (beer and simple mixed drinks), but sodas and juices are also available.

Seeing as I typically drink only water at restaurants, bars, and the likes, the concept of Nomihodai is a somewhat annoying, rather money-sucking one.  However, as I sipped my cup of hot, delicious tea tonight at a café, while discussing end-of-year (man, we’re doing lots of hyphenated nouns tonight) parties that, naturally included Nomihodai, I was struck by a new idea.  Nomihodai for tea.  Naturally, caffeine content would be important to know for such an endeavor, however I totally would love that sort of Nomihodai.

I think the cost could be dropped, because tea is drastically cheaper than alcohol (good ones, anyway), and drinking hot tea takes a bit more time than a cold beer, so one would consume fewer in the same amount of time.  Gosh, I’m smiling all over just thinking of the idea.  If I ever get to my library café, I think I’ll have a sort of Nomihodai option available.  Say twenty bucks for two hours, and you’d have the opportunity to try all sorts of teas, in whatever sizes you wished, perhaps even hot or cold…

Mmmm…., yes, I like this idea; let’s do it.  😀


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2 thoughts on “Nomihodai

  1. I like the tea nomihodai idea except I wouldn’t pay 20$ for it! It would be a good shout for students coming to study in a cafe. I’d pay 10 for 2-3 hours. 🙂


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