Friday Fame

Today is Friday, and it was a beautiful day.   I experienced lots of love from people, and gave lots of love to people and to myself.  As I passed an empty classroom, I recognized a student’s muffler, and decided to leave a secret note.  An hour later, three girls appeared in the room where I had been secretly sleeping in the sun all morning, their having deciphered my note.  I was so proud, I didn’t even mind that they woke me.  😀

A few hours later, heading to the end-of-year party at my other school, I noticed that I was surrounded on the bus.  We got off at the train station, and the girls all gathered ’round me to say their farewells (which happened to include, “I miss you already,” and “We love Hannah-Sensei.”).  As I walked away, the thought popped into my head, “I have a posse.”

And then I burst out laughing, utterly delighted, and simultaneously slightly appalled. I, Hannah, actually have my own sort of posse.  Wow.  What a life.  Michael (another language assistant) was totally right, when he said I was probably surrounded by a group of students somewhere unexpected, that time I wasn’t responding to messages.  Huh.  Guess this means I’m kind of famous (and the liked kind of famous!).  SOOoooooo weird!

Although this does have it make more sense, when you consider the fact that one student is painting me for one of her major projects in the art school…


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One thought on “Friday Fame

  1. THIS IS SO GREAT!!!! 😀 hahaha. I really liked thinking about it all and seeing you bursting out laughing because I can imagine exactly how you would do it, too!!! It’s fun to be famous in a liked way – I felt that in Keneba 🙂


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