An Ode (or something like it) to My Underwear

I did some brief research on odes (“Hey, Siri.  What’s an ode?”), and discovered that there is much too much remaining for me to learn about them in order actually to create one in the appropriate fashion.  Therefore, I shall simply follow the idea of an ode, and express my love for and delight in my underwear on its worst of days.

My Underwear

Oh, dearest friend, how I love that you are mine!
Forever at my side, and front and back alike,
You give me comfort that cannot compare
alongside perplexity in your name: pair.

You come in oh, so many forms, from sport and short to lace and warmth,
I could never be bored by your ever-changing personality.
From your “Workout Wednesday” to your royal purple silky,
You empower and encourage in a secret just for me.

Sometimes I long to show you to the world, to let you out to see the sun!
Alas, the world cannot handle your greatness as of yet,
for fear of what their minds might create at the sight of you,
for, whether scraggly or sublime, you have an overpowering view.

‘Tis true, there are days, like today, I must say,
where you decide to keep an eye on things out here, in the world.
Not just the casual peek-a-boo you often do,
but a day-long stretch of you watching the world, and the world most certainly watching you.

In fact, perhaps those are the days I enjoy the most,
though they are seen as somewhat sultry or uncouth.
I get to share you with the world in an odd and subtle sort of boast,
for there is nothing I can do, but to enjoy the looks and to let you do you.

For though there is much other clothing to express parts of my spirit,
it is perhaps in you whom I delight the most.
As I change an outfit, or slip off my clothes at the end of the day,
it is you who greets me with surprising creativity, and in the funnest of ways.

So, fare thee well, dear underwear.  I never like to see you go.
It is as though we become the best of friends together, as I’m sure you know.
You sometimes get too close or cut in on my blood’s efforts at flowing.
I love you nonetheless, oh, underwear, especially when you’re showing.


am silly, aren’t I?  ;D

Note: I feel a need to share about the fact that underwear also is very helpful in situations of forgotten swimsuits – on various occasions have they aided me in my swimming efforts, without causing offense to others nearby.  πŸ˜›


Post-a-day 2017



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