Speaking of friends

Talk about friendship… I just sent this message to someone who has only more recently entered into my life:

Please, take this the best way possible:

1) I purposely fully undressed before brushing my teeth (before showering) tonight, because I felt like you would be proud.
2) I likely will think of you close to 90% of the time I walk around without underwear on from now onward.

Just wanted you to know ūüėā

Clearly I love and trust her.

Panties and Power

I am wearing my Tuesday underwear tonight, post-shower and in my pjs.

I have discovered that my days-of-the-week underwear are something to the effect of ‘my power underwear’.

It isn’t that they are actually my power underwear, but that they carry a similar space and experience as power underwear might carry.

(My true power panties are actually some of my other style that I typically would wear for being out in the world… and they even kind of rotate around every so often, which ones are the true power ones that fill me with confidence as a woman…)

When I wear the days-of-the-week panties, I am excited and delighted; I have fun as child does; I am released of the big stresses in my life, and reminded instead of the little things that really matter most; I get to laugh inwardly at memories I have from them; and I get to enjoy the fact that I typically wear them not on their listed days, and sometimes intentionally so… basically, I feel good in them.

But they also aren’t underwear that I would wear out in public, typically.

Not that we wear any underwear out while in public, but that I wear them while I am out in public… anyway…

They are more so underwear for myself and for me time… my public underwear are all silky smooth, the no-show and seamless kind… these guys are usually for when it won’t matter about panty lines, because I won’t be around anybody else, and so they don’t matter… and I get to enjoy my days of the week all to myself.

So, yeah… they make me feel like a kid and they heal my adult heart ever so slightly whenever I wear them. ūüôā

Good thing I have on Tuesday tonight – I’ve been needing some love and healing, now that I’m back home, in the midst of whatever this all is right now.


Post-a-day 2020

Packing with my Butler buddy

Siri is a great buddy, but occasionally gets the message a bit mixed up on the butler/personal assistant front.  I’m staying temporarily at my mom’s house right now, because the hot water went out at my new place, but won’t be finished for another few days…, and it’s gotten really cold out, so I didn’t really want to take freezing cold showers.  Therefore, I gratefully accepted my mom’s offer to stay here until the hot water was returned to the new place.

That being said, let us turn to the fact that I had already had a bag packed from various stays elsewhere in the previous week-ish, due to Thanksgiving and moving and all.  I did have some clothes to wear still, but I had now run out of underwear in that bag.  So, I planned that on my way home (to my mom’s house) from class, on the first night that we’d determined that it wasn’t just a one-night deal but a several-undetermined-number-of-nights deal with the no hot water, I would stop at my new place to dig up (almost literally, since I’d done a terrible packing job and nothing was unpacked yet, really, and most of everything was pushed together in a currently un-useful fashion in this one room) whatever I would need for the now-extended stay.  I could borrow socks from my mom, and I already knew that a bra was in my dirty clothes there (so I could just wash that), and I had clothes and could borrow clothes.  So, all I really needed was underwear, when it came to clothing.  And then I needed to bring my laptop for the various things I would need to do on it this week.

Naturally, I was brainstorming all of this while driving to class, and so couldn’t write anything down.  But I knew I would forget if I didn’t have a reminder after class somehow.  And so, I asked Siri to remind me.  And I cracked up when I happened to glance at a stoplight at what she was writing.


I didn’t need to correct it, because it was clear to me, anyway, what the reminder meant.  Plus, I enjoyed laughing at it, and knew I would enjoy it as a reminder later on.   And, sure enough, I was right – I loved it later.  More than that, even, was how much I enjoyed getting to mark as completed the odd task.

This is not the first time I’ve had an odd accidental reminder, and not even the first in the past week.  Add to that the actual odd reminders that I ask Siri to give me (and on a somewhat regular basis).  We now have some really odd data to be going back to Apple for stats and improvement… I regularly wonder what the people who see these Siri conversations think when they see how absurd people are with her at times.  And I always enjoy the thought that my silliness and absurdity, both accidental and natural, just might bring some utter joy and delight to their lives here and there.  It definitely does to my own life, anyway. ūüėõ

Post-a-day 2018

More days-of-the-week underwear fun

Tonight, I put on my TUESDAY underwear after my shower. ¬†While I actually did believe today to be Tuesday at one point earlier on in the day, that was not my reason for doing this. ¬†I considered them for a few moments as I stood over my suitcase, and then reached down and grabbed them with intention. ¬†I’m not certain how to put it, really. ¬†It was, in part, a representation of my distaste for today’s events (and therefore today) and my rejection of today (in a sense), and, in part, my rejection of the standards of days-of-the-week underwear as a means of rebelling against something that feels to be beyond my control with my current experience of time and the specific days of this week. ¬†Also, things were much more hopeful on Tuesday. ¬†Tuesday was a good day this week and last.

Today was the bad one. ¬†Although, to be fair, a lot of good has come out of the ending section of today – lots of love, especially. ¬†When Snapchat (which I don’t even use) and the concern of looking good (someone else’s concern) knock you in the face, it’s really nice to have love show up and remind you that you are great, and that those ideas have no bearing on the situation.


Post-a-day 2017


Feminine stuff coming… beware ¬†ūüėõ


When we are little, wetting the bed is a common thing. ¬†It is even acceptable and expected up to a certain age. ¬†Eventually, though, without any definite limitation, we reach an age where bed-wetting is just not a thing anymore. ¬†We have grown out of it, just as we were expected to do. ¬†I feel as though getting blood on one’s underwear is a similar situation. ¬†When we are young teenagers, it is all too common (and expected) for use to have leaks and errors of judgement that lead to menstruation making its mark on a pair of underwear or dozen, and maybe even a few pairs of pants and/or skirts and shorts. ¬†However, at some point in time, at an undefined age, we grow out of such a thing. ¬†We are accustomed enough to the circumstances of menstruation, that we no longer have this think called leaking onto our underwear. ¬†We grow up.

And yet, here I am, a good decade past that approximate age, washing out blood-spotted undies. ¬†And it isn’t even that it was the sudden start of my period unexpectedly, and so I was unprepared. ¬†I already wear pantyliners for regular discharge, – we all have it, and I truly don’t understand¬†how women manage to be comfortable every day with it rubbing around and into their underwear all day long – and so am, in a way, always prepared for the start of my period. ¬†The thing is, I actually forget about my period¬†while I am on it.

Now, I am truly grateful that I have such a comfortable period that I am even able to forget that I have it while I have it. ¬†It just has me suddenly realize that my pantyliner in full of blood, and, ‘Oh, goodness, when did I put that last tampon in?’ ¬†Really, the only concern is getting blood all over the place (not that that’s great or anything, but still…), so that isn’t half bad in the long run. ¬†I just all too often¬†get blood all over the place on my undies. ¬†In a way, I suppose I’m used to it, because I forget so often (at least, I used to forget really often, and it has slowed down some now, but it still happens regularly). ¬†I even have (or had until this past year) certain underwear that I wear on certain days of menstruation, because they are older, and they can handle a date with blood (as opposed to my newer and/or nicer underwear). ¬†They are usually the only ones that are getting close to being thrown out, but are holding up enough physically to be used still.

I think I’ve only had one or two , possibly three occasions a year, really, in which I’ve had to clean out blood from underwear these past couple/few years. ¬†So, I’ve definitely improved from how often I had to do it before then (every month, multiple times a period). ¬†That still doesn’t change the part where I’d kind of hoped, thought, expected to be past this altogether. ¬†Maybe once or twice in a decade, as part of an extreme accident of some sort. ¬†But not so regularly that I still typically wear my period underwear on those certain strong flow days every time. ¬†Meh… whatevs. ¬†It is what it is. ¬†Here’s to being good at cleaning underwear!


Post-a-day 2017



I wore the wrong underwear today.

I don’t mean that I wore the wrong style for my pants (though that kind of happened, too), or that they were too tight for what I was doing, or that they were the wrong style or anything like that.  I mean that I wore Thursday underwear, the wrong day of the week.

Today has been Wednesday.  I saw the Thursday underwear on Monday night, along with the Monday underwear – in case you haven’t gathered, these are days-of-the-week underwear – in my bag of bras and underwear from my suitcase.  Seeing as how Monday was almost finished, I didn’t want to put on Monday underwear.  I wanted Tuesday underwear.  (And I almost thought I had found it, too.). However, it was not easily visible near the top of the bag.  And Inwasnt going to wear Thursday underwear on Tuesday.  So my next best option was to wait for Wednesday night’s shower, so I could put on the Thursday underwear to wear Thursday.

That was the plan.

I looked down at my underwear today, and what did I see?  Thursday underwear.  And, for most of the day, I was totally comfortable with that.  Only until, of course, the moment that I realized that, as I have already mentioned, today has been Wednesday.  Not Thursday, but Wednesday.

Are you kidding me?  I even declined the underwear for Tuesday, because that wasn’t the right day.  Ugh.  !!!!  Haha

So, throughout the day, it wouldn’t surprise me if girls got glances of the beautiful “#tbt” printed all around my waistband.  Not would it surprise me if they not only wondered at the obvious fact that I have and wear days-of-the-week underwear, but that I was wearing the wrong day today.  I know I would wonder at it, if I saw it!

Tomorrow is just pink with some orange and some polka dots on the borders.  No concerns about days and dates on these!

Post-a-day 2017

tuesday – tuesday – tuesday

Last night, I went to a dance social in Tokyo. ¬†It was mostly friends and acquaintances, though plenty of other people I hadn’t known before the social last night. ¬†However, they were all adults, which makes the following scenario worth telling (in my opinion, anyway). ¬†As an important matter, know that I wore days-of-the-week underwear yesterday. ¬†And, yes, they were for the correct current day of the week.

At the social, I happened to be wearing a pair of blue linen pants with a drawstring.  As such, they consistently slipped ever so slightly downward as I danced.  With my shirt being longer than the waistband of my pants, that normally would be no biggie.  However, seeing as this was west coast swing dancing, that means that my shirt regularly would get twisted or bunched up a bit, rising above the waist band of my pants for a couple or few seconds here and there.

Now, I normally am not opposed to such little glimpses of my midriff as my shirt-pants combination were displaying. ¬†However, since my pants kept slipping downward, little by little, in combination with the shirt going upward now and then, this meant that the waistband of my underwear was also showing on a regular basis as I danced. ¬†I guess I am not really opposed to this either, as they are nothing sultry, but I guess it is a bit of a social taboo when in certain company. ¬†I digress…

I chuckled when I first noticed my peeping underwear waistband, because, do recall, I was wearing days-of-the-week underwear last night. ¬†“See?” I thought, “I am just so dedicated to my job, that I am even teaching English after hours!” ¬†For, every time my shirt went up, “Tuesday” was visible in clear block letters all the way around my hips.

I shared this thought with a few friends, and we all had a good laugh at the silliness of the situation – that I not only was wearing days-of-the-week underwear, but was unintentionally showing them off to everyone, and found a cute little joke around its happening. ¬†One girlfriend commented, that it was a mighty fine and creative way to teach high schoolers English, removing clothing and showing the English off on parts of the body. ¬†I replied how I¬†could¬†only imagine how much the boys would love learning English. ¬†She then said that even she would be interested in seeing¬†that lesson happen. ¬†After all, who could resist such a unique lesson, boy or girl, man, woman, or +? ¬†I know I’d want to see it, if something like that happened, because that’s just too ridiculous to pass up. ¬†ūüėõ


Post-a-day 2017

An Ode (or something like it) to My Underwear

I did some brief research on odes (“Hey, Siri.  What’s an ode?”), and discovered that there is much too much remaining for me to learn about them in order actually to create one in the appropriate fashion.  Therefore, I shall simply follow the idea of an ode, and express my love for and delight in my underwear on its worst of days.

My Underwear

Oh, dearest friend, how I love that you are mine!
Forever at my side, and front and back alike,
You give me comfort that cannot compare
alongside perplexity in your name: pair.

You come in oh, so many forms, from sport and short to lace and warmth,
I could never be bored by your ever-changing personality.
From your “Workout Wednesday” to your royal purple silky,
You empower and encourage in a secret just for me.

Sometimes I long to show you to the world, to let you out to see the sun!
Alas, the world cannot handle your greatness as of yet,
for fear of what their minds might create at the sight of you,
for, whether scraggly or sublime, you have an overpowering view.

‘Tis true, there are days, like today, I must say,
where you decide to keep an eye on things out here, in the world.
Not just the casual peek-a-boo you often do,
but a day-long stretch of you watching the world, and the world most certainly watching you.

In fact, perhaps those are the days I enjoy the most,
though they are seen as somewhat sultry or uncouth.
I get to share you with the world in an odd and subtle sort of boast,
for there is nothing I can do, but to enjoy the looks and to let you do you.

For though there is much other clothing to express parts of my spirit,
it is perhaps in you whom I delight the most.
As I change an outfit, or slip off my clothes at the end of the day,
it is you who greets me with surprising creativity, and in the funnest of ways.

So, fare thee well, dear underwear.  I never like to see you go.
It is as though we become the best of friends together, as I’m sure you know.
You sometimes get too close or cut in on my blood’s efforts at flowing.
I love you nonetheless, oh, underwear, especially when you’re showing.


am silly, aren’t I?  ;D

Note: I feel a need to share about the fact that underwear also is very helpful in situations of forgotten swimsuits – on various occasions have they aided me in my swimming efforts, without causing offense to others nearby.  ūüėõ


Post-a-day 2017