Today, a friend and I, kind of for her birthday, went up to Nikko (a city in Japan).  We did several neat things, saw some beautiful stuff, and we had a very good time.  

However, the most odd and somewhat amazing part was when we pulled down a small road in the middle of town to get to the parking lot behind the city information center.  What to our wandering eyes did appear, but a band of monkeys playing in the road!

I halfheartedly attempted a photo as we pulled nearer, but they wandered off as the car got closer to them.  When we walked into the information center, I stopped at one spot next to the wall and hovered my hand over a specific spot where I had seen one of the monkeys perched a few minutes beforehand.

“A monkey was just sitting here!” I declared.  “A monkey’s butt was right here,” I happily exclaimed.  “I want to touch it, so as to have been on the same ground, but I’m not going to touch it, because a monkey’s butt was just here, but how cool is that?!  A monkey was just right here!”

So I was five for a minute there.  It was splendid.  😛
Post-a-day 2017


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