Love-Hate relationships

Do you ever wonder about why we can be simultaneously angry at and totally in love with someone?

I certainly do.

A friend of mine is kind of a terrible long-distance friend.  Actually, one of my best friends is rather bad at it, but we have been friends for so long, that it always works out wonderfully whenever we do get to talk and to see one another.  But she’s not the point here.  A newer friend is.  

I so incredibly value my friendship with him, that it is hard not being in contact with one another.  However, since he is such a terrible long-distance friend, we regularly have long periods of almost zero communication.  These times result in my growing very angry, even furiously fed up with him.  And yet, even in those moments of extreme anger, I am aware of how much I love him.

I suppose it makes sense, though, seeing has how the only reason I’m mad at his not being around is because I want him to be around (because I love him).  However, I just find it somewhat crazy that I can so easily simultaneously experience both sides of the spectrum – complete love and utter anger – with one single person at a single given moment in time.

It just seems nuts, you know?  While also being totally normal and everyday ‘duh, well, of course.’  😛
Post-a-day 2017


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