Mirror, Mirror

At a couple friends’ apartment a few years back, I noticed their full-length mirror that was situated as the last look before leaving the apartment. Written in paint pen on the glass, somewhat as a border-like decoration, was the phrase, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

I so loved this idea that, from the onward, whoever I have a full-length mirror, I decoratively write the phrase myself.  I have even taken to writing other notes on other mirrors, as well.  “Hello, Beautiful,” is prettily displayed on the head-sized mirror that is the last look I have before leaving my current apartment.  In my last apartment, I have words of love decorating the upper bits of my bathroom mirror (mostly “Sat Naam”).  And, I suspect, my next apartment will have some sort of beautiful message awaiting my eyes and mind on yet another mirror.  It really just feels amazing.  It is better than someone else just saying it, because the message, though from an outside source, is innerly read and therefore said by me – so, while an outside source is wishing me well and love and is admiring my beauty, the same intentions are coming from within myself, and, what’s more, I therefore know that they are genuine, thereby making them even more powerful than when only said by another.

Kind of cool, huh?  🙂

Post-a-day 2017


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