Springtime is here… ish

Okay, I accept it: Springtime is here.  It has been a cold winter, and in so many ways, and I am incredibly grateful that the Spring has, at long last, established its footing in the weather here.  It gave hints of arriving a few weeks back, but then winter took a huge snap back, and overpowered any sense of warming in the weather.  Finally, today, I didn’t even need my jacket in the gymnasium for an assembly (Remember the part where the gym has been the coldest place I’ve ever known this winter, because it has no heating of any kind, and almost no sunlight enters it.).

The wind outdoors, when blowing, could get quite cool, but that was mostly just from the sheer force of it, as opposed to the air temperature.  When the wind was calm as we were watching soccer practice, it actually got a bit hot at times.  However, I did not have my jacket, and I was able to manage quite decently for most of the day (Again, the wind began to attack again in late afternoon, as a storm in striding in for the weekend, it seems.).

One drastic difference with today, though, – for there have been other days just this week where the sun and air were warm enough not to wear a jacket for a while – was that the air temperature was actually higher than it has been (almost into the 20s!).  This means, of course, that, as it is early April and all in Japan, the Sakura trees opened up their blooms today.  Yesterday, I examined all sorts of areas, making notes of where might be good to check again on Friday, possibly even later this weekend, judging by the recent rate of things.  And then, suddenly, kaboom!  The trees are filled with white blooms by lunchtime today, with hints of pink all around.  

It even looked like little bits of paper trash were all over the ground throughout town, because the flower petals were already falling and flying around everywhere.

So I went biking and walking to see them all, and found myself arriving home just after dark, incredibly exhausted, somewhat chilled, and with eyes burning from all the riding through incredibly strong winds, with sand and dirt flying everywhere.  While I enjoyed the beautiful sights, I am ready to pass out now, and sleep through work tomorrow, and our sakura-viewing picnic (hanami) on Saturday in Tokyo – I am that exhausted.



Nonetheless, I waited about 15 years to see all of these guys, and I am delightfully satisfied with what I have seen so far.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017



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