A spontaneous lesson

Today, my mom and I helped with an English class while standing outside.  Literally outside, out-of-doors… we were having lunch in a sort of courtyard, and one of the class that had its windows all open happened to be an English class, and with one of my favorite teachers, to whom I had just introduced my mom.  

When we first sat down to eat, all the kids were super excited, hanging out the widows, waving and saying hi to us (it was barely the beginning of class at that point).  After I had eaten well enough, I went over to check out what they were doing.  The teacher, the amazing teacher she is, took it in stride, and had me verify correct sentences and pronunciation as students were giving answered aloud for their homework exercises.  Eventually, my mom came over to the window, too, shocking the students yet again – I had given them an unintentional, yet really good shock when I had suddenly appeared next to one kid by the open window.  At that point, instead of using the CDs after which the students typically repeat to practice English, the teacher brought a copy of the books to my mom.  She and I traded back and forth reading aloud, slowing the students to repeat the phrases of the text after us.  The English, of course, was quite awkward , however, it sounded great coming from the students.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard them so excited to be using their English as they were today, desperately attempting to communicate with my mother.  After that class, my mom and I officially attended a class, and helped expose kids to our Texas words and foods and thoughts on Japan.  That teacher is also completely awesome, and decided to take full advantage of having such a visitor.  The class happened to be some of my favorite kids, actually, and so it was extra-exciting for me.  The kids, naturally, were totally in love with my mom, and especially the fact that she was completely willing to be in photos.  Way-to-go, Mom!
Post-a-day 2017


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