Being my own parent?

Now that I’m on my own and in charge of my own schedule, I find that I regularly wish I had someone to be a sort of accountability buddy. I’m essentially being the parent and the non-compliant, sneaky child all at once.  I tell myself that I really need to go to bed by 9:30 each night, and around 11:45, I start to be all concerned and upset about having not followed my desired bedtime.  When I had an enforcer (e.g. Parents or siblings), it was much easier actually to get a good night’s sleep than it is now.  No matter what the excuse back then, it almost never mattered – I went to bed anyway.  Nowadays, I don’t even have to try to convince myself to stay up.  I’m just so distracted by whatever it is, I don’t even seem to realize that an hour has passed, and I’m still not even close to ready for bed.

So, this leaves me either wishing for an accountability partner for my sleep, or, essentially, a parent or babysitter, who can make me go to bed on time.

To be fair, though, when I actually set a rule for myself, I follow it.  For example, I have just this week decreed that I need to be finished with computer and tech stuff by 9pm each night.  This includes writing for this weblog.  Hopefully, that means I’ll start getting to work on it much earlier in the evening or day each day, giving myself more time to have it meet my own standards again.  That’d be nice, hmm?  (I think so, anyway.). Anyway, it’s two ’til, so I’m off!  Goodnight and good day, folks! ❀ 
Post-a-day 2017


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