Ice Cream in the Cold

I’m not sure when it started for me, but, for some reason, I regularly crave ice cream in the cold weather.  And, typically, I find a way to satisfy that craving, despite the crazy looks I usually tend to receive.

One early December in college, a friend, Genevieve, and I each got a pint of ice cream, and went wandering around our campus, eating our ice creams.  I think it was in the 50s (Fahrenheit, of course), but there we were, wandering outdoors with our ice creams that wouldn’t melt on us.  I believe this was also around the time that I carried around my “I love you… you should, too” sign…, but that’s a different story to tell.

Anyway, eating ice cream has become one of my preferred pastimes in recent years.  Once, in Vienna, a girlfriend and I attempted to go have some ice cream or froyo, only to discover that the shop was closed for winter.  (We ended up eating specialty cupcakes elsewhere, which were delicious, but just not the same.)  While living in Vienna, I would treat myself to an Eiskaffee every so often (coffee with ice cream, topped with whipped cream), although it was cold throughout almost my entire stay.  I would say that was where it all started, as I had regularly enjoyed ice cream as a casual outing while living in Germany that summer, and so it was only logical that the habit continued into winter in Vienna.  However, that was after the college campus fun with Genevieve, so it could not have begun there (based on the sort of time structure we currently follow in our world, anyway).  Oh, well… it is of little importance right now, anyway, so I’m alright with not knowing how it all began.  The point is: I love ice cream, and I love eating ice cream when the weather is cold.

Also on that note, I finally made myself an Eiskaffee today.  However, my judgement on that it would be alright having it well after 10pm was ridiculously proven incorrect – it’s now 4am, and I’m only just growing truly sleepy.  We’ll see if I’m able to sleep in just a few minutes!  Anyway, here’s to sleeping for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017


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