I went to an outlet mall today (filled with almost no one, actually), to go specifically to Lululemon for some sports gear.

You see, the bras I have from there are spectacular.

But my workout have been so good this past year that, well, they don’t fit anymore… they are too big on me.

So, I needed to get some new sports bras, and I wanted to get good quality for something like that, that I would use so often.

So, we go to Lululemon, and sign up on the digital waitlist… the wait is estimated at two hours, because so few people are allowed in the store at once, right?


Like at certain busy restaurants and eateries, we were to receive a text message when an estimated ten to 15 minutes remained in our wait time, and it would say this and that we should return to the store now.

Unlike these restaurants and eateries, we also received a link that we could refresh at will in order to see where our party was “in line”.

We started at spot number thirty.

We walked around outside a long while – around 8,000 steps worth – before heading back toward the store (where we were parked), and verifying that we still were only around 9th in line.

The doorman told us that, since it was “parties” and not just individuals “in line”, we had plenty of time to go get the ice cream we were considering.

So, we drove to HEB, I did some quick research as to why I couldn’t find a childhood favorite anymore, and I got a very close alternative to it.

We then enjoyed our treats back in the car, and received our text message notification about 45 seconds after pulling into a parking space back at Lululemon.

I then had a blast in the store, and my friend, though not finding anything she was wanting inside the store, found a delightful time outside the store, practicing her handstands, and eventually being joined by one of the store’s staff – perhaps he was on his break? – to share in the doing of handstands, and to display free handstand push-ups (they are bomb, and it is a pleasure to witness anyone doing these successfully)(!).

We headed home after a good while, both of us quite satisfied, both in mind and in belly.

The irony?

If you missed it, the irony was that I was getting new sportswear, because I’d released so much weight/fat from my body through my workouts and healthy eating…, yet I went and had what was likely an extremely high-calorie tub of ice cream while waiting to purchase said new sportswear… 😛

But I didn’t finish it, so, that is good, and it is now in the freezer here, finding a new version of itself after having melted. 😀

Post-a-day 2020

Talenti Timing

I bought a pint jar of Talenti gelato tonight, when I went to the grocery store with my friend (on purpose to get ice cream).

I also bought bananas, though, which reminded her to get bananas for herself.

But we headed to the ice creams after we ha deselected our bananas…

And they did not have a single vanilla gelato with chocolate chips (stracciatella in Italian).

That’s a normal flavor here – it’s not like it is some exotic flavor.

And yet, for the second time this month, a grocery store didn’t have it.

And I don’t just mean they were out of it.

I think they didn’t even have it as a item that is stocked.

So, anyway, I saw in the back a Peppermint Bark one, which looked to be exactly the same as what I wanted, just plus peppermint.

So, I got it.

At the checkout, I was confused when my total showed up as $3.26.

I knew the Talenti were on sale, but that was only to four dollars and something… how was this possible?

And then I saw $3.96 on the receipt, and thought, “Oh, it was just a little extra discounted, and probably because it was a Christmas flavor they’re trying to get out,” thinking that that was the price of the Talenti.

And then, as I began to explain to my friend that my Talenti was extra discounted from the other discounts, comparing it to the listed $5.25 regular price, I saw that the $3.96 was listed as “Savings” on the receipt.

Finally, it all clicked:

The bananas cost $.89 and $1.06 (two small bunches), the Talenti was discounted $3.96 and actually cost $1.32, and my total bill was $3.26.

Basically, even though I had intended to wait a little bit longer before having gelato – my shorts are quite as loose as I had wanted, but they are loose enough that I noticed a huge difference already, and was comfortable with my extreme progress in the past two weeks – this ended up being the perfect time to have it: I saved four dollars by having it now instead of later, and I didn’t even have to drive myself to and from the store. 😛

It ended up being delicious, and the price just made it more enjoyable after the fact, reminding me that it was perfect to have it tonight.

So, basically, I had a lovely night in which my friend and I walked her dog for a really long and absolutely lovely walk in the early evening, ending just after sunset, and then we went and got ice cream, and we hung out for a lot time for the first time in a while, and it was just all around awesome (even though I got like five mosquito bites just before we got back home, and even though I was freezing riding home in my shorts that had been perfect with the sun up).


Post-a-day 2020

At-home Malai Kulfi

Finally, I am going to bed.

It’s 2:18 in the morning, and I am absolutely wiped… my eyes are even burning around the edges, and are heavy with weight and sleep…

Why am I still up, you ask?

Well, I somehow thought it was an acceptable idea to start making handmade homemade ice cream around 10:30pm… every fifteen-ish minutes since then, I have pulled out the tub from the freezer and stirred, and then replaced it in the freezer…

Only on this last stir did I accept that it was good enough for tonight – I ate many bites more than the one intended, and I enjoyed them thoroughly – and put it back in the freezer for the rest of the night and however long tomorrow.

Oh, the flavour is cardamom, rose, cinnamon, vanilla… absolutely delicious.

It tastes a lot like Malai Kulfi, the amazing Indian dessert.

Oh, and, what’s better (to me, anyway) if that it is Paleo (and, even, vegan and raw), made with coconut milk, sunflower seed butter, maple syrup, a bit of salt, and the spices… which, (again) to me, makes it all the more delicious.


And it’s in my tummy (and likely will be again tomorrow, too!)!

Post-a-day 2019

Soo not ready for what’s next…

Is it that I am afraid of what happens after I leave here, and am therefore not accomplishing the things I want to do here, in hopes of that making me not have to move onward?  If things are not finished here, then how could I possibly move on to the next thing?

But my plane ticket is set.  I am leaving here.  And I am leaving here quite soon.  Yet, based on my behavior, it almost seems like I am not leaving for another month.  (That is, of course, with the one exception where I began arranging and organizing and packing my luggage today – I actually finished my army duffle entirely, and have just to sort out the oddly shaped things and delicate things that are strewn about with the small pile of clothing I plan to wear the next week and a half.)

I want those popsicles and soft serve ice creams.  I want to take those photos with my beloved (it’s a truly love-hate relationship on my end) TV show’s filming location/s.  And I want to go sit at that Starbucks, and meditate on the hubbub of the crossing down below. If I am truly going to do these things, I must begin tomorrow or the next day – there is very little time still available to me for these particular tasks/adventures.

I am scared, I see.  However, let’s do them, nonetheless.  Yes, let’s, Hannah Banana.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017

Ice Cream in the Cold

I’m not sure when it started for me, but, for some reason, I regularly crave ice cream in the cold weather.  And, typically, I find a way to satisfy that craving, despite the crazy looks I usually tend to receive.

One early December in college, a friend, Genevieve, and I each got a pint of ice cream, and went wandering around our campus, eating our ice creams.  I think it was in the 50s (Fahrenheit, of course), but there we were, wandering outdoors with our ice creams that wouldn’t melt on us.  I believe this was also around the time that I carried around my “I love you… you should, too” sign…, but that’s a different story to tell.

Anyway, eating ice cream has become one of my preferred pastimes in recent years.  Once, in Vienna, a girlfriend and I attempted to go have some ice cream or froyo, only to discover that the shop was closed for winter.  (We ended up eating specialty cupcakes elsewhere, which were delicious, but just not the same.)  While living in Vienna, I would treat myself to an Eiskaffee every so often (coffee with ice cream, topped with whipped cream), although it was cold throughout almost my entire stay.  I would say that was where it all started, as I had regularly enjoyed ice cream as a casual outing while living in Germany that summer, and so it was only logical that the habit continued into winter in Vienna.  However, that was after the college campus fun with Genevieve, so it could not have begun there (based on the sort of time structure we currently follow in our world, anyway).  Oh, well… it is of little importance right now, anyway, so I’m alright with not knowing how it all began.  The point is: I love ice cream, and I love eating ice cream when the weather is cold.

Also on that note, I finally made myself an Eiskaffee today.  However, my judgement on that it would be alright having it well after 10pm was ridiculously proven incorrect – it’s now 4am, and I’m only just growing truly sleepy.  We’ll see if I’m able to sleep in just a few minutes!  Anyway, here’s to sleeping for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017