I have been told that I need to warn people ahead of time about my messiness while eating at In-N-Out Burger. So, I did today, when someone offered to go eat there together. He was shocked at my statement, wondering what on Earth I could be thinking. However, once we sat down and I started dipping the fries into the vanilla milkshake, and then the sandwich itself, he understood quickly: No clean hands for me while eating In-N-Out!

The greatest part of it, perhaps, though, was how he said I had changed his whole world of In-N-Out. Now he, too, was in love with putting milkshake on bites of his burger and fries.

Boy, it was such a good time, and it was utterly delicious and silly and fun.

Post-a-day 2022


I tried to make a paleo-ish vanilla malted milkshake today. It used a frozen, cooked sweet potato, along with the vanilla and coconut milk and almond milk and some dates, as well as the non-paleo malted milk powder.

Guess what. It tasted like sweet potato and malt. It was okay as a weird sweet potato smoothie-ish thing. But it was a terrible vanilla malt.

Just dreadful.

Post-a-day 2021

Malted milkpsych

We went to Galveston specifically to have a malt together. One of my favorite parts of having a malt, aside from the malt flavor itself, is having the cold, cold beverage served in the tall, frosted, metal mixing cup, and eating it with the long metal spoon. Usually, my mom eats what is served in the glass, and I have exclusively what is still in the metal cup. There’s just something about it that completes the experience for me.

We arrive at the shop today, and discover that the confectionary is only serving items in styrofoam cups at present…

Well, I’ve waited close to two and a half years at this point, so I suppose I can wait a while longer to have this malt experience.

In the meantime, my mom has determined to do her best effort of making a vanilla malt for me at her house on Sunday afternoon. She supposedly has all the necessary ingredients and tools, so we shall see what happens…

Post-a-day 2021