A dAy of Rest

Sometimes, it is really, really good to keep Sunday as a day of rest.  I have often wondered how life might be if I truly stuck to the concept, but have never done it successfully.  There was one stage during which I did a very good job at not doing any work on Sundays, but that didn’t necessarily mean that Sundays weren’t fully of activities and business and whatnot.

Today, however, I ended up having my Sunday as a true day of rest – I slept in, watched part of a movie when I finally woke up, and went back to sleep for a while, before finally getting up, getting just a bit of sun and fresh air, and then watching movies and crocheting and knitting off and on while watching them the rest of the day.  And it somehow worked wonders for me.  When life seemed beyond comprehension on the scale of stress last night and this morning, after today’s true rest, I am heading to bed at ease on so many levels.

I think I need to do this sort of Sunday more often for myself.  Really.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017


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