Can I just have GLEE for my life?  I mean it.  Real life Glee Club.

Get together with friends, say once a week, and each prepare a little song to perform for the group.  We can do themes, and even mashups, and maybe even just copy themes from the show at times (the ones we like, anyway).

I can only see this as a beautiful idea – it will help boost our confidence in performing in front of others (as well as being vulnerable in front of them), improve our musical skills, keep our creativity working in various ways (song selection, how specifically to perform the song in terms of instrumentation and speed and key, how to express ourselves through it, music (duh), etc.), bring more music into our lives, get a taste of music that our close friends like, get to know one another better, build beautiful bonds of trust between one another, and just plain bring joy to us all via music and welcoming camaraderie.  It’s fabulous.  And it’s totally terrifying.  But I still want to do it!  Yes, I do.

…I was thinking that I only wanted to start it once back home, when with friends with whom it is easy to communicate (my ideas in general, as well as just speaking the same language fluently), but I am now thinking that this might be something worth attempting here.  Even if it is only with one friend (I have one in particular in mind for it), I think it would be a good step for me, both on the I want to go home level and the musical creativity and confidence level.  : )

I’m not decided yet, but I think I want to do it with her.  I know for sure that I am creating this club once back in the US.  However, I’m leaning towards trying it out here first…  Maybe I’ll be able to work out some kinks over these next six months, making it all the better in the Fall.  😀


Post-a-day 2017


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