Reading at Night

I’ve been reading Catch 22 as my bedtime book lately, and, while I enjoy the book itself for the story it tells, I happen to enjoy this book for another, rather special (to me) reason.  

You see, I have been reading this book every night for weeks.  And, for some reason, I never know where on Earth I am in the book.  Every time I pick it up to read for the night, I flip through the pages, wondering where I ended last night.  My bookmark is a small and thin one (foil), and so the page never just pops open for me.  And, for whatever reason, I never can say on which page or even around which page I left off.  I’m pretty sure I’m out of the double digits.  I might be in the 200’s.  But I’m really not sure about that.  You see?  Literally almost no idea.  And – perhaps the silliest part – this whole idea comes up every night, where I wonder where on Earth I am in the book, and then why on Earth I still don’t have any idea of where I am in the book.

For some reason, I’m totally okay with it all, though.

For some reason, I really enjoy it.
Post-a-day 2017


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