Surprising Beauty

Some people have a sort of surprising beauty, I swear.  Not that I find myself surprised to find someone beautiful, as though he or she ought not to be, or anything like that.  But that the beauty is so subtle that it takes a little while to be fully observed – that, the longer you look, the more beauty you see.

At first glance, the person just seems like a nice-looking person.  But then, upon closer inspection (especially via conversation and direct interaction), something that begins in the eyes seems to spread slowly and powerfully outward, almost like a flower comes into bloom.  But this flower was already in bloom – it’s merely the viewer’s perspective that is suddenly adjusting to this particular kind bloom, discovering suddenly it’s true beauty.

I’m not sure how else to explain this, really, but I find it a very powerful thing, this beauty, and I wanted to share about it.  I met someone tonight who is like this.  I had seen him various times already, but only from a distance.  After a very brief minute or two in conversation, – looking into his eyes, seeing his smile up close – I was staggered.  Books talk about people having these “bright eyes” that don’t actually have much to do with their hue or shade, but I had never encountered such a set of eyes until tonight.  Though these eyes were not particularly bright in color, there was a sort of deep light exuding from them, creating a sense of grounding and peace with their gaze.  From these eyes, the other facial features slowly came to life in a whole new way – in a way that made it almost impossible not to stare.  It is just that kind of beauty.  And the unexpectedness of this sudden release of such beauty made it all the more powerful.  Societal standards of being well-behaved prevented me from simply gazing openly at him, even though this was not in a sexual way, but as though observing reverently a piece of magnificent art.  However, I certainly looked forward to every opportunity I reasonably had to experience the delight of viewing such beauty again.
Post-a-day 2017


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