Book nerd much?

You know that feeling of finding a book you really love?  Not necessarily after you finish reading it, though that’s always awesome, too, but when you’re so into it as you read it, you can’t seem to stop reading.  I’ve just finished a good audiobook (Bitter is the New Black, Jen Lancaster), which I loved almost every step of the way (just one little bit that had me frustrated, but the rest was way awesome), and I, therefore, had to find a new read for my commute from and to work.  I use this awesome website, , to keep all of my book information organized, so I went on there to see what books I had on my to-read list.  After a quick glance at the first page, I checked my library application for the audiobook of one of them.  I tittered with delight as soon as the book began to download – I could hardly wait to start listening.

Once I was in the car at the end of work, I was engulfed by the book.  It almost instantly became a near-addiction for me.  Now at home, hours later, I just had to force myself to turn off the book.  I even listened with headphones while I cooked this evening, and then listened again while I got ready for bed just now.  Then, I was lying in bed for a while, just listening, until I managed to turn it off to write this.  I need to get sleep while I can, and the book will be ready for me tomorrow morning.  Hey, perhaps it’ll help me get myself out of bed in the morning – the sooner I’m up, the sooner I can start listening…  not a bad idea, really.

Anyway, I’ve got to get to reading my actual bedtime books, so I can snooze out ASAP.  Sweet dreams, this half of the world, and good morning to the other.

Post-a-day 2017


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