Watch Party

At long last, I looked up how to do all these “watch parties” for simultaneous film viewing on the various streaming websites with people in different locations. I admit, it didn’t work out. 😛
And so, we went the (new) old-fashioned way, just synching up the videos after hitting play. And, you know what? It actually kind of worked. Sure, on the other person’s end my film was half a second slower with sound, and on my end it was an eighth of a second faster than the other person’s sound. But it was tolerable for us both, and we got to have a wonderful time watching Shrek together (Fabulous movie, in my opinion, and one of my favorites!). So, thank you, technology. 😛
And thank you, God for this amazing and fun and silly, love-filled opportunity tonight. In your name, I pray in gratitude! Amen.
Post-a-day 2022
(Definitely got the wrong year ^ there just now)

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