A Toast, unsliced

Occasionally, the world – life does it, too, actually – acts and looks like it’s calm and regular and completely baseline, USA sliced white bread normal…

…but don’t you believe it, because it’s totally not.


Here’s to the extraordinary as a baseline of living 🙂


Post-a-day 2018

Anticipation, and Standards of Normalcy

Two things, both brief:

1.  You know that feeling of waiting for something huge to happen, and you know it will happen quite soon, but you aren’t sure exactly when, and so your breathing is shallow and shortened, and it feels like a boulder is living inside your rib cage?  Feeling that right now.  Man.  Tonight is the night.  Tomorrow will be a different sort of life, starting at 10AM local time.  🙂

2.  A friend of mine told me that she wants me to write a book, specifically about my life.  When I suggested that no one would want to read it, she declared her desire to read such a book, as well as her hopes to learn more and more about my life, because I have such great stories to share.  I had never considered that to be the case about myself and/or my life.  However, I am starting to believe her.  I mean, come on – I’m living in Japan for a year just ’cause when I wanted to take a break from my last job.  I don’t see that as entirely standard for your average girl.  As I learned from my cousins last year, my idea of normal life is not equivalent to most people’s ideas of normal life.  (more on that another time!)


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