Declare your wish with gratitude

I think it is incredibly valuable to declare what we want to have be part of our own lives.  In doing so, I feel that we truly do allow space and guidance for those things to manifest themselves.  I wrote on Facebook that I wanted a baritone to serenade me, and a distant friend sent me a sort of birthday present singing video.  He’s a baritone.  I declared over and over again one day that I really wanted a certain card, and found one forever left behind in the bathroom the afternoon I was leaving.

Of course, these aren’t very good examples so far as I see it all.  However, they are decent ones, and they are all that currently comes to mind as specific recent events.  Declare it to the world, and it will come to you, in some way or another.  So, when you do declare it, be prepared.  🙂
Post-a-day 2017


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