Killer Khan

Tonight, I met a sweet old man named Ozawa Masashi (Masashi Ozawa in the American style of names).  He is a monstrous 195cm (6’5″), with an incredibly sweet and open demeanor, and he owns a restaurant in Tokyo, where we ended up tonight after dancing.  As I commented on how massively huge this restaurant owner was compared to the average Japanese person, I was informed that he was, in fact, a retired wrestler.  Sure enough, photos inside the restaurant tell a black and white story of this man’s wrestling adventures Stateside in the 80s, with matches against André the Giant and the likes.  Killer Khan is the name, and wrestling was his sport.

We ate his food (delicious), tasted the hard-to-get sake (fabulous), and enjoyed his happy talk about just about anything (including the facts that his son is about 208cm and looks like him, his daughter is a martial arts champion in the US, and that he himself spent a year in Dallas about 22 years ago).  He even showed us photos.

We watched a small bit of one of his matches, and it was amazing to see this man in action, back in his days of wrestling.  He was even more of a monster in terms of size, and the other guy in the ring paled in comparison.  Frankly, Killer Khan was the epitome of ‘scary wrestler man’.

And now, here he his, across the world from his wife and kids, running a restaurant in downtown Tokyo.  I am 100% not a wrestling fan, however, I am definitely a fan of Ozawa Masashi, this happy, massive, sweet old man, who likely hunches from habit with such low Japanese doorways, and who just so happened to be part of a lethal show 30-ish years ago.

Post-a-day 2017 


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