Salty Hair

I love the feeling of my hair after a good day at the beach.  Running my fingers through it, slightly course and thick yet smooth, feels almost like running my hands trough tall grass, grabbing hold of a chunk with a bit of dirt, and then swirling it around, feeling its sharp-edged softness.  Kind of weird idea, I suppose, but it’s what seems to suit best as an analogy right now.

The salty, sandy thickness, supplemented by the warm (or hot) sun exposure, sings of satisfaction in the day’s accomplishments.  Today was a good day, I can feel it saying.  Today was a very good day.  And it always has been when my hair is like that.

My skin is slightly sticky, sand keeps appearing in little patches anywhere on my body, and my hair is sunbathed and thick.  Today was a beach day, and it was a wonderful one.  Today was a wonderful day.

Post-a-day 2017


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