Soo not ready for what’s next…

Is it that I am afraid of what happens after I leave here, and am therefore not accomplishing the things I want to do here, in hopes of that making me not have to move onward?  If things are not finished here, then how could I possibly move on to the next thing?

But my plane ticket is set.  I am leaving here.  And I am leaving here quite soon.  Yet, based on my behavior, it almost seems like I am not leaving for another month.  (That is, of course, with the one exception where I began arranging and organizing and packing my luggage today – I actually finished my army duffle entirely, and have just to sort out the oddly shaped things and delicate things that are strewn about with the small pile of clothing I plan to wear the next week and a half.)

I want those popsicles and soft serve ice creams.  I want to take those photos with my beloved (it’s a truly love-hate relationship on my end) TV show’s filming location/s.  And I want to go sit at that Starbucks, and meditate on the hubbub of the crossing down below. If I am truly going to do these things, I must begin tomorrow or the next day – there is very little time still available to me for these particular tasks/adventures.

I am scared, I see.  However, let’s do them, nonetheless.  Yes, let’s, Hannah Banana.  🙂


Post-a-day 2017


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