A word scramble: as though my words were a Japanese tote bag or t-shirt with English writing

Sometimes, the bottomless blue of life’s desperation is a swirling mass of deepened encroachment on one’s territory.  The beyond selfless doubt is innumerate by the believers’ paradise of above, unwillingly taken before as a response to the redeemed unbeliever’s unity.  How dare we approach such a despair without the embodiment of the soul in tonight’s united way of thinking into being?  I know I couldn’t let anything less be of service in this matter of importance for tomorrow’s gain of grains, without gaining the pounds… because what else is a pigment in the imagination of your animals worth, without glory, anyway?

I love it to be lived, and beyond the walls of belief I am… and prestigiously so, indeed.  Incongruous, without a doubt.

Post-a-day 2017

A few Japanese t-shirts for reference on style