Later, dude!

I said my goodbye’s to four different friends today.  Who knew I ever would have even that many friends here?  And they are only a small handful of the friends I have made in Japan.  In a way, it only makes sense.  However, culturally, it was very much unexpected.  I have a bunch of Japanese friends, and I don’t even go out drinking.  How cool is that?  (Fun Fact: A lot of these friends think I just don’t drink alcohol at all, I drink it so rarely.)

Anyway…,as I mentioned to one friend tonight, it didn’t feel like, “Goodbye.”  It felt like, “またね!” or, “じゃあね!” (both of which are versions of, “See you later!”).  Hopefully, that is, indeed, the case.  I really like these people, and I have a feeling that they like me, too.  🙂

Post-a-day 2017


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