wind chimes

I love wind chimes.  I almost never get to hear them, though.  I don’t do much sitting outside in Houston, because there are so often bugs and/or extreme heat.  And we really don’t have much wind in the first place.  I’m currently thinking over an idea I have to set up my wind chimes (for the rest of my life) in front of the air vents.  That would have them tinkling and bonging their beautiful music often enough, I think.

Every year, we go to the Texas Renaissance Festival, and one of my favorite spots to pause is the wind chime shop.  Just going through slowly, ringing all of the large wind chimes, I find myself fully content and at ease.  And the humongous on there, when I ring it, I can feel it all over and within, and I never really want to stop ringing it.  Mmm… I can hardly wait for next month.

I love wind chimes.

Post-a-day 2017


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