Write a book, man!

My friend almost has me convinced to write a book.  I’m not convinced that it will be the best book ever, however, I do believe that it has a good opportunity to be awesome.  And so, I am considering it.

If I set up doing a task per week, I think I could fit it in well with my new schedule.  I think I could get that friend to work with me on it all, too, which would be amazingly helpful and useful.  It would take time, but I think it could be finished – this is thinking longest possible time-frame of constant productivity – within five months.  That means that by my birthday I could have a book finished.  Not necessarily published, but finished.  Printed and bound on my own, it would be like a birthday present to myself.  Now that would be way cool… it almost has me convinced to do it, now…

Okay, here’s the plan: Of I remember about this tomorrow morning, I’ll send the friend a text, asking about potentially getting his help on the project.  If he accepts, I’ll e-mail him by Monday night, looking at details in terms of how I could see him helping best, and what does he think about it all?  And we’ll set up a timeline and way of checking in for each thing, should he accept again, and then I’ll begin writing my first book (aside from the terrible one I wrote in fourth grade as an assignment for class).

Okay, I can do this.

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