I made a grain-free gumbo tonight.

It actually turned out okay.

It took way, way longer for the arrowroot flour to brown for the roux, and so I gave up after half an hour, and just went ahead and continued onward with the gumbo… if I’d gone even another ten minutes, I think it would have made a very positive difference in the overall flavor.

The smell was amazing, anyway.

The taste ended up slightly bland, and so I added loads of black pepper, which isn’t exactly the most well-rounded flavor for gumbo, but it was acceptable.

I think my friend just didn’t really like it that much.

To be fair, we think she hadn’t actually ever had gumbo before, and, seeing as how all she could think about was étoufée, this was probably an odd flavor in comparison to that.

Also, even though the rice was riced cauliflower, I thought it was reasonably good in the gumbo… she was insistent upon putting butter into her rice(d cauliflower) before adding the gumbo… I think it might have affected the flavors somewhat negatively…

Anyway, I made it and the recipe passed for anyone who can’t do the whole grain diet anymore, which is good enough… just like the regular recipe, of course, though, it takes time and patience to make it all.

Post-a-day 2019

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