I bought Halloween candy yesterday. For the both of us. Just Reese’s pumpkins and ghosts (ghosts are white chocolate) and a bag each of Brach’s candy corn and pumpkins. I opened the Reese’s bags and the candy corn yesterday. Got to the house this afternoon and discovered that the candy corn was almost completely gone… The Reese’s pumpkins and ghosts are getting close themselves now, though I’ve been partaking of them, to be sure, so they have been a joint effort. We opened the pumpkins today – frankly, because I didn’t trust him not to eat most of them today, my theory having been supported by his having destroyed the candy corn today – and had a handful each. Then, quite intentionally, I wrapped them up, stuck them in a zipper bag, and hid them away from us both.

I only intended to get one bag of each of these, and that was it for this year’s Halloween. Not sure that’s going to work for the candy corn anymore, but I’m hoping to make it work still for the others! Fingers crossed!

Post-a-day 2022


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