Two birds, or two stones?

One of my best friends in high school once asked why the saying was, ‘Kill two birds with one stone’. ‘Wouldn’t it make more sense,’ she said, ‘if you were killing one bird with two stones? It’s much more effective and less work than collecting and re-throwing the same stone…’

And I had to give it to her that she had a point there.

So, tonight, I killed two birds with one throw. At first, I was stressed to find that boy of my rodeo committees had meetings in the same week… and then on the same day… But then it occurred to me that they’re in the same building and hallway – perhaps I can do both. And it is so far away from where I live now, it’s a major hassle to get to an evening meeting there, especially with rush hour traffic. So, this way, I only had to drive once. I went early and avoided most traffic. That also allowed me to get stuff done for both meetings ahead of time, socialize at the social meeting a bit, then go to the real meeting of the other one, and then go back to the social once to finish out. It was actually really cool.

And now I’m utterly wiped, so goodnight.

Post-a-day 2022

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