Talk about adventure…

This morning, as we went to a natural park for hiking, her mom’s car went nuts with notifications that the tires needed attention. These are brand new tires. We stop at a gas station. They don’t have Nitrogen (N2), which the tires have. The pressure is acceptable for the short distance we still have to go. So, we stop at a tire place after the hike, and they fill the tires the needed amounts with N2. Yay. Phew(!).

Tonight, we go in my step-sister’s car into the mountains, so I can see the mountains up close. It is great. We then go to a Tim Horton’s, because I’d never been to one, and it supposedly is amazing. No offense to anyone, as it was tasty, but I gladly will stick to Shipley Donuts for all my doughnut needs.

We head home… her boyfriend leans out the open window, as though he is tossing up his Tim Horton’s. “Que pasó, mi amor?!” Something is wrong with the tire. He jumps out at the red light. It’s almost flat, he says. We pull to the roadside once the light turns green (though not very far over! 😛 ).

The tire is truly almost at the end of flatness. Good thing we’d had the windows down to enjoy the great weather, or he wouldn’t have heard it.

He starts to change the tire. The key to unlock the special bolts is missing, though everything else is in its proper place. Perhaps, when someone broke into her car a while back, they also stole the key. Ugh! We can’t change the tire.

Her friends who live nearby show up. They have three spare sets of tools. One of them works as the key. Phew!

Her mom shows up. She’s come to pick me up, because we didn’t know how long it would take, and we had been on the way to drop me off back at the house before they went elsewhere.

There are now six of us – and three cars – standing on the side of the road in Mexico around nine PM on a Saturday. At least we’re likely to be safe with so many people and cars!

Everything gets changed okay, and I help out everything back together in the back, reflective triangles and tire and tools and all (minus the missing key, of course).

Her mom and I go home, as do her friends, and my step-sister and her boyfriend go somewhere to have the tire fixed.

A massive piece of metal is removed. Glad that got handled… goodness. Thanks for keeping us safe. What a tire-ing day today has been.

Post-a-day 2023


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