Rainbows of life

Some days, I think we just have to experience a rainbow of emotions. Perhaps it is to remind us that, despite our struggles and troubles, everything is alright, because we are still here – feeling, breathing, thinking, living -, alive and well, and able to get through it all, whatever it happens to be.  We always think of the beauty of rainbows as something that we experience from a distance. However, we cannot do this with our personal rainbows of life, because we are right in the middle of the rainbow, exuding our colors outward so far as we can reach, enlightening, empowering, and bringing bliss to all those within range.

Something like that, anyway… I really like the image of being in the middle of our own rainbows, thus being unable to see it in all its glory.  🙂
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Stress made me write

Today was so stressful, I considered balling up on the floor of the shower, and not going back into real life… for a while, anyway.  Instead, I cried for a minute, was struck by inspiration, and stood up and showered.

When I was all dried off, and had irrigated my ears, I sat down and started writing my book.  🙂  From one terrifying thing to the next!


Peace  😀


I'm part of Post A Day 2016