We like to party

Well, it turns out that I still love to dance and need to dance. I also am majorly missing physical contact in my life, as strikingly noted when someone held me to dance and my whole being felt like it was receiving a balm (despite the fact that the guy admittedly didn’t know how to dance). And I am still able to stay up ridiculously late and have a wonderful time.

Alas, we shall see how well I function getting up to leave by seven-thirty AM tomorrow – in just under five and a half hours – and spending the day at RenFest, though… After the 23 miles for the bicycle ride this morning from the park to the port and back, and the show and then the work party this afternoon and this evening, I am amazingly exhausted.

I pray I be quite well and at ease tomorrow, please.

Thank you, and amen.

Post-a-day 2021

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