Be my Valentine

Today was a lovely, lovely day. We sorted it the apartment stuff – the first major step of it, anyway. Then I got my cream cheese king cake. We had a girls’ hangout that included an hour-long walk with the dog and baby and heart-shaped balloon on the stroller in gorgeous weather (and looking like we were a same-sex interracial couple with a mixed-race baby and a black dog [we seriously had all the main bases covered, aside from male, what with our being white, Asian, Mexican, and black females]). Then we chilled on the sofa for a girly movie and loads of chit-chat about anything and everything. I had hazelnut gelato that felt like eating hazelnut cheesecake, which was amazing. My other friend (the actual mother of the baby) spontaneously baked me chocolate chip cookies from scratch, then gave me some Prosecco in a fancy glass. We bathed the baby together, then hung out some more, just having an overall lovely, lovely time.

Tomorrow, I’ll get the few bites of Valentine’s Day candy from my mom, and give her the gelato and king cake remains, and then I’ll be done with the sugars and breads for quite a while again. (And boy will I be glad for it!)

Now, however, I must pass out – I am exhausted.

Post-a-day 2022

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