Maybe it’s a pull and not a push, I wonder as I begin actually to focus my attention on the couple just ahead of me, the wife currently attempting to open a double glass door to the next portion of the museum…

It hits all three of us at about the same time, just as they shift apart a bit, and I can actually see the door…

It isn’t a door… not at all…

As if in reproach, the doors make themselves utterly known as we move a few yards to the side to find them:

However, to be fair, they were push doors! So, she had the right idea, but just at the wrong spot.

We three talked about it and laughed as we went through the actual doors. When we then all chuckled some more about it as they overheard me explaining to my man what had just happened, and I pointed it out to him, he commented to the older couple, ‘The cleaning person is probably gonna be like, ‘Uhp! More idiots’ finger prints to clean off today!’ And, for some reason, we all really cracked up at that – even the lady herself. I guess we could just picture that exact thing happening, and we wondered how many people did that every day. It is, after all, directly where the walkway leads from the front section…

Fun times at the Parthenon, y’all. And yes, Nashville has a full-scale Parthenon. It was quite bizarre and cool.

Post-a-day 2022


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