We are preparing to leave, saying our goodbyes to those we know. As I am turning to the last two people, someone we despise enters. Without hesitation, I know that I do not want to talk with the person, I bid farewell to my last two friends there, I tell my man that I am ready, and I walk away.

It isn’t a matter of how it looked like we were running from this person – we weren’t. What matters is that we already were leaving, and it was a perfect sign to trust my instincts. I was ready to leave and had given a little extra time being kind to a couple people. It was lovely being able to do that for them, but it was beyond when I had wanted to be staying. And firmly speaking up and sharing that I needed to head home made all the difference I needed. However, that slight delay gave me a chance to see that it truly was perfect that we were leaving, even though it was “early”. Thank you, God.

And when I say someone we despise, please note that this person has behaved terribly for years and years, including being abusive to me (though likely with no idea that it even was abuse), though plays off a façade of a kind and nice southern person who is everybody’s friend. Not someone who has chosen to be good in the world, but who has chosen to be right and righteous, and righteously better than everyone else by far.

Anyway, true the gut, trust in God, and it all works out well.

Post-a-day 2022

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