Another late night

But we got the pantry up and mostly together and attached to the wall! Woohoo! It only took a month for it to happen, but it has happened at last. Now, just to put a final few screws to make sure it really stays on the wall, and to set the shelves and the top door (my man had to go back to IKEA tonight to exchange it, because the guy had ordered the wrong size last month). Then I can transition the stuff in our current make-shift pantry into the real pantry, and then use that shelf for normal things again.


Thank you, God. Help us to sleep well tonight, please, and help us to release whatever is in the way from pursuing your will. Help us to choose this life and to love and to love it. Help us to experience your love and to experience being worthy of receiving it. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Post-a-day 2023


3 thoughts on “Another late night

  1. Great job on getting the pantry up and attached to the wall! It can be challenging to tackle home improvement projects, but it’s satisfying when everything comes together. I have a question – what inspired you to take on this project? Were you having trouble finding space for your pantry items?


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