Well, it is past midnight, and I awoke at about 6am, after having slept only an hour and a half last night.

I slept hard for a brief power nap on the (tiled) floor of the classroom, underneath the teacher’s desk at one point today, when I had no classes for a while…

It was a fabulous thirty-ish minutes.

Now, I am at a somewhat questionable fancy bay house for a wonderful weekend of art & yoga.

I just took a terribly miserable cold shower, since the gas isn’t turned on for the house (so no stove or hot water), and am still suffering the after-effects of hay (aka I am still really cold, but dry).

I am looking forward with anticipation to taking more photos for the weekend, as well as to making some art myself… it has been a while, to say the least, and I am delighted.

For both parts, really.

Anyway… goodnight.

Post-a-day 2019

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