Poetry of yore

Check out this little throwback to January 8th, 2013, when I lived in Vienna, Austria.


I love life.

And all its experiences, too.

Really. Honestly.

Truly, I do.

With every person we meet,

every sunset we see,

every breath we take,

and every mistake we make,

We are given a choice to learn

or to let it all crash and burn.

And here and now and in all that I am

I choose to learn whenever I can –

To develop myself and keep sharing my love,

using strength on Earth and strength from Above.

For every lesson, yes every single one;

Each moment in darkness, each spent basking in the sun;

For every night and for every day;

and for every one who comes my way;

From dog to plant to Jung to Mädel,

For all in my life, I am forever grateful.


Post-a-day 2020

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