Odd friends

H: Still want to do something now, or feel like something tomorrow morning? I finish at the gym around 8:45

B: I mean I’m okay with either. I’m just sitting around at home right now with nothing to do

H: Want to go help remove wreaths from military graves tomorrow morning?
H: Houston National Cemetary

B: Sure
B: Also let me just say of all possible suggestions of things to do
B: I would’ve never, in any ordinate amount of time, guessed that
B: You didn’t see it but the double take I did when I read that was cartoonish
Yes, that was a real text interaction I had. Isn’t it lovely? Just glorious. 😛

Thank you, Gos and Universe, for such loving absurdity in my life. Amen.
Post-a-day 2022
(Kind of remembered)

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